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Take Control of Your Financial Life with The Retirement Flight Plan

Get to your retirement destination with peace of mind.

You need not look far to see we live in a world of chaos and confusion. The Flight Plan gives “impeccable order” to your retirement by addressing five key areas:

  • 1

    Income Planning

  • 2


  • 3

    Tax Planning

  • 4

    Health Care Planning

  • 5

    Legacy Planning

We design each Flight Plan to use as a living, breathing framework to guide you for the rest of your life — and even simplify things for loved ones after you pass.

If you want to take control of your financial life, the Flight Plan may be just what you need.

How the Retirement Flight Plan Process Works

First Visit (45 – 60 minutes)

  • We sit down to discuss what you are hoping to accomplish during our visit.
  • Complete our Money Management Questionnaire. This will enable both of us to know what specifically bothers you about controlling your money. You may complete this form in advance of your scheduled visit or we can complete it together during our visit.
  • We’ll determine your risk tolerance using our Risk Profile Questionnaire (RPQ) and financial stress test.
  • After the meeting, we'll send you a synopsis of our time together, and a homework assignment of any additional information we need to complete your flight plan.

Second Visit (45 – 60 minutes)

  • We’ll review your Risk Profile Questionnaire and compare the results of your Stress Test to your current Risk Profile. This can be a very compelling moment.
  • We’ll then move into your Flight Plan compilation.
  • Before taking action, we’ll ask you:
    1. Do you feel that our plan would benefit you?
    2. Would you like our help?
    If you answer “yes” to both questions, we will move forward with transferring your assets over to our firm.

Third Visit (30 – 45 minutes)

  • We’ll review the status of the transferred assets and make sure you have received your welcome package.
  • We’ll confirm that we have recorded proper beneficiary designations.
  • We’ll discuss allocation and confirm the various investments platforms, explaining the purposes of each.
  • Your flight plan will then become active!

Fourth Visit (30 – 45 minutes)

  • After your Flight Plan launches, we’ll continue to stay in touch! We’ll decide whether we should meet quarterly, semi-annually or annually to review your plan and make your retirement vision a reality.

What type of services are covered in The Retirement Flight Plan?

We address the following services:

Retirement Income Strategies
Wealth Management
IRA/401(k) Rollovers
Asset Protection Strategies
Life Insurance
Tax-Efficient Strategies
Long-Term Care Strategies
IRA Legacy Planning
Charitable Giving
Estate Planning
Tax Planning

Ready to Take Flight?

Schedule a meeting today to launch your Flight Plan so you can start working toward your retirement dreams.

Or give us a call at 602.456.1928


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